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Bayside Robbery Suspect Charged with Alleged Accomplice's Murder

Bayside Robbery Suspect Charged with Alleged Accomplice's Murder

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has charged one of three suspects in last week’s holdup at a Bayside optical store with felony murder.

Tedric Sanders, 20, was charged Tuesday with felony murder in the death of Joshua Drake, his alleged accomplice, who was shot during an altercation with an employee of the Innovative Optique store on Thursday. 

According to the criminal complaint, three masked men pulled up to the store, and Drake entered and demanded money while pointing a gun at the owner’s brother.  When Drake pointed the gun at a female employee, the owner’s brother pulled out his own gun and the two began shooting at each other.

Drake was killed, while Sanders suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

Milwaukee Police arrested Sanders and another alleged accomplice at Sinai Samaritan Hospital, where Sanders was seeking treatment.

It was not immediately clear whether prosecutors planned to file any criminal charges against the store owner’s brother. 


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