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Miguel Lands On Girl's Head While Performing "Adorn" At The 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Miguel Lands On Girl's Head While Performing

While performing "Adorn" on stage at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel had a WrestleMania moment.  He attempted to jump across the stage, but landed on a fan's head.  Luckily, it wasn't Rick Ross who took that jump.

Watch the performance below!

MABMA by YardieGoals

Here's a closer view. Do you see how the other girl took credit. *Hugs Miguel and waves at the camera* He ain't even know it!

*In Kevin Hart's Voice* Nooo...She wasn't ready!!

Miguel says he got caught up in the moment.  Here is what he tweeted two hours ago.

Source: Twitter, WorldStarHipHop, and Dailymotion


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