Chief Keef is going to be horsin' around at his community service -- but it's OK. According to TMZ, he'll have to do 60 hours of community service at a Chicago-area equestrian center that provides therapy for people with disabilities. 

Keef will have to feed and groom the animals -- and clean up horse you-know-what. 

But before Keef can get up close and personal with the horses, first he needs to go to rehab for violating his probation by smoking weed. 


  • Hope some video emerges of Keef shoveling horse manure. 
  • At the rate Keef's going, he might as well just stay in rehab. Not like he's going to give up weed. 
  • Keef needs whoever assigns Chris Brown's community service.
  • Won't it be a little weird having a donkey around all those horses?