Eminem's childhood home -- which is pictured on the cover of his new album,The Marshall Mathers LP Two -- was badly burned in a fire yesterday. According to TMZ, the second floor was badly damaged, but the fire was put out before it could spread to the rest of the 767-square-foot home. 

The home, near Detroit's 8 Mile Road, was unoccupied at the time. It was abandoned to a bank years ago and recently failed to sell for $500 at auction. Em's mother paid $19,900 for the home in 1987, and it's had roughly 10different occupants since then. 


  • It's suspicious the fire broke out right when Em's album dropped. 
  • It's hard to believe no one would pay $500 for Em's childhood home. Especially Em -- you'd think he would have grabbed it. 
  • No one will pay $500 for a house in Detroit? Things must really be bad there.