After over 20 years off the airwaves, The Arsenio Hall Show makes its return to late-night TV tonight -- and he's determined to make it work.

Despite having last signed off in 1994, Hall says he thinks he can make himself relevant again. He says, "I hear all the long-shot talk: 'This is an impossible thing to do after all this time. The field is so crowded.' But I still have to pursue my dream!"

Despite being a veteran, Hall admits he’ll be nervous for the first show. “I don't even know if I can live through that first minute. You come out there, back after a billion years, there's gonna be all kind of animal noises and people screaming.”

Hall’s guest list this week will include Chris TuckerIce CubeMagic JohnsonMac Miller and Earth, Wind and Fire


  • Do younger viewers really know who Arsenio is? 
  • Once upon a time, if you were old you watched Johnny Carson, and if you were young and hip, you watched Arsenio.
  • Let's just hope he doesn't try to re-create the past. Woofing and fist-pumping are so '90s.