In the wake of Kendrick Lamar's verse in Big Sean's "Control" turning hip-hop upside down, the question everyone wants to know is, "Why didn't Big Sean change his verse?" after hearing the heat Kendrick was bringing. As Big Sean tells it, even though he realized he'd been shown up in his own song, he chose not to rewrite it.

“When I heard [Kendrick's] verse I was like, 'I’m not about to go back and change my verse. That’s cheating',” the rapper tells Vibe. “That ain’t how G’s move. I wanted to do that for the culture of hip-hop as opposed to myself, trying to protect myself.”

Big Sean adds that, even though Kendrick's verse is getting all the attention, he's proud of his work on "Control." “I’m a good-ass rapper. Big Sean got bars,” he says. "I feel like my verse was hard… It’s fresh-ass quotables throughout the whole thing."


  • It might have been the honorable thing to do, but Big Sean still should have redone his verse. 
  • Do you think "Control" has been a good look for Big Sean? Or does it tarnish his image? 
  • How would you rank the verses in "Control"? Is Jay Electronica's verse being slept on?