Did Chris Brown just "slut shame" Rihanna?

It sure sounds that way from a just-leaked new track of his called "I'm Still." Brown takes what seems to be a pretty obvious subliminal at Rihanna, rapping, "Now every [brother] in the industry done [screwed] my b**ch, and all my [brothas] said “I told ya.” 

If that weren't bad enough for Rihanna, Brown then goes to apparently big up Karrueche Tran, saying, "Stop hatin'. You [brothas] mad 'cause you [screwin’] with them regular hoes and ain't none better than my Asian.” 

A version of the song, minus the offending lyrics, will appear on DJ Khaled's upcoming album. 


  • It's been six months since their last breakup. Chris, it's time to move on.
  • Might be fun to watch RiRi's Twitter for a few days.
  • Sounds like he's officially back with Karrueche. But does he really have to identify her by her ethnicity?