Perhaps the only thing funnier than Gucci Mane's epic Twitter rant yesterday -- in which he dissed the likes of Nicki MinajDrakeYoung JeezyT.I and Tiny,CiaraWaka FlockaRocko and many more in almost unintelligible texts -- was the reaction. Here are some of the funniest tweets:

  • ‏@rustymk2 29m: "Gucci is really out here tweeting '50 Shades of Guwop' right now. Monday just got really great."
  • @ReignOfApril: "I tried to read Gucci's tweets. My diploma fell off the wall and burst into flames."
  • @samfbiddle 1m: "Gucci's Twitter freakout >Jay Z's corporate twitter Q&A"
  • @HipHopObama 3m: "Whoever runs the social media for (fashion) Gucci is prolly all sorts of confused/excited right now."
  • @The_STJ_Nation 11m: "Gucci is typing in a language that only Chief Keef can understand"
  • ​‎​‎@JamzLdn 13m: "Gucci is too dumb to tell lies. I believe everything he's said."
  • @__shAdrian 34s: "Gucci tweets like he is trying to take notes from someone who talks real fast."
  • @imlisabonet 12m: "Miley Cyrus [is] praying Gucci mentions her so she can finally feel like the hoodrat hoe she begs to be."
  • @MrMecc: "Gucci types like the child left behind."


  • What was the funniest part about Gucci's rant to you? Or did you find it depressing instead of funny? 
  • Everyone's talking about Gucci this morning. So is he really crazy? 
  • If his sexual exploits are one-tenth as awesome as he bragged about, he's still doing quite well for himself.