Sandy destruction in Keyport NJ - YIR AR

Today (Tuesday) is the first anniversary of the New Jersey landfall of Hurricane Sandy.

The superstorm was responsible for at least 260 deaths -- 113 of them in the United States -- and caused an estimated $65 billion in damage.

  • Sandy had the lowest barometric pressure of any storm ever to make landfall north of Cape Hatteras.
  • Sandy's left-turn path, which brought it up the East Coast before moving it onshore near Atlantic City, New Jersey, was unprecedented -- in 150 years of records, the National Hurricane Center could not find a single instance of a storm turning westward onto the coast.
  • It was the largest storm ever in the Atlantic basin, with a diameter of gale-force winds of more than 1,000 miles.
  • The storm surge generated by Sandy was the biggest on record. A wave in New York Harbor measured 32.5 feet, beating the previous record -- set just a year earlier, during Irene -- by more than seven feet.
  • Most analysts expect Sandy to be the second-most costly storm in U.S. history, behind Hurricane Katrina.
  • More than eight-million customers were without electricity at one point, a U.S. record. Some of them were as far west as Cleveland, and some people lacked power for two weeks.
  • People in 24 states felt at least some impact from the storm.