Is Kelly Rowland off the market for good?

That's the word according to gossip site, which claims that Kelly and manager Tim Witherspoon recently got married in a secret ceremony. A source close to the couple claims the wedding was kept a secret to protect Kelly's career. The snitch says, "Kelly and Tim have been together for years and decided to get married. Kelly wants to keep her sexy singer image alive, so she's keeping everything a secret. Most people didn't even know she had a boyfriend."

The source adds that Kelly and Witherspoon are being so cautious that they got matching tattoos instead of wedding rings. 


  • This rumor has been floating around for a while. Where there's smoke...
  • Can't a woman still be considered a sex symbol if she's married? Hasn't hurt Beyonce.
  • Is marrying your manager a good idea? Those marriages don't always end well.