Is a new book by Lil' Boosie's baby mama going to keep the rapper behind bars?

Boosie is set to be released from jail shortly after serving time for drug possession, but sources say things might change if prosecutors get their hands on an upcoming book called When the Music Stops by Walnita Decuir. According to MediaTakeout, the book details murders and drug dealing that Boosie was involved in, as well as instances when she smuggled drugs to him behind bars. 

No word on when the book might drop.


  • Sounds like Nita would be incriminating herself, too.
  • Doubt there's much of a market for a book by Lil' Boosie's baby mama.
  • MediaTakeout needs to slow down a little. A prosecutor couldn't just decide to keep Boosie in jail based on allegations made in a book. There would have to be a trial on the new charges, if any are filed.