Legendary New York DJ Mister Cee says that even though a new tape has surfaced ofhim paying a male prostitute for sex, he doesn't consider himself gay. Cee said today (Thursday) on New York's Hot 97, "I have received fellatio from transvestites, and that's as far as it went. I've never had actual sexual intercourse from a man and vice versa." 

The drama started yesterday after a transsexual hustler named Bimbo Winehouseposted an audio clip in which Mister Cee allegedly offered to pay him for sex. But despite Cee's announcement that he'd “hurt enough people” and that yesterday's shift would be his last after 20 years on the station, today Hot 97 announced that it was rejecting his resignation and had asked him to stay on. 

Hot 97 also said that a Twitter account credited to Cee, in which he allegedly wrote, "I need help, just can't deal right now. Maybe better off dead," is a fake and that the DJ does not use Twitter. 


  • Is it possible to get sexual favors from another man but not be gay?  
  • Why does Mr. Cee need to address his sexuality? It doesn't affect how he DJs.
  • Ladies, would you date a man who said he enjoyed sexual favors from other men but still considered himself straight?
  • Maybe this is the moment where hip-hop will finally embraces its issue with homophobia.
  • Should more rappers be coming to Cee's defense? Especially given his history in hip-hop?