Nicki Minaj went off last night on camera, clapping back after a rapper seemed to have claimed that he wrote some of her lyrics.

A rapper named Ransom, who's worked with Nicki on several tracks in the past, recently released a new song "Man Alone." In one lyric, he rhymes, "Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs/ I was doing verses for her/ Just hoping she made it big."

TMZ's cameras caught up with Nicki, who called Ransom a desperate liar. "Yo, I'm not even a man and [dude's] got my [penis] in [his] mouth. I don't need a ghostwriter -- I slaughter these [dudes]."

Ransom claims the lyric was not meant as a diss. Since the release of the song he's tweeted, "As far as I know, she writes her own [lyrics]."


  • Would anyone really want to lay claim to "Starships," anyway?
  • TMZ cameras are constantly starting trouble with artists. This would be a non-story if someone hadn't poked the bear.
  • Well, the world's heard of Ransom now. Maybe that was his real goal.