With Basketball Wives: Season Five debuting on VH1 tonight, creator Shaunie O'Neal can't understand how people can ignore her show yet happily tune into other VH1 programs like Love and Hip-Hop and Gossip Game.

As O'Neal sees it, her show isn't setting the bar any lower than the others. "It’s a little contradictory to me," she tells Sister 2 Sister. O'Neal adds that people may view Basketball Wives in a different light this season. "There is a whole lot of growth," she explains. "There is some change in some people. Don’t look to see a bunch of Mother Teresas 'cause that’s not happening, but you do see growth. I am very proud of season five of Basketball Wives. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not going to be a season of the best situations or the best decisions. We still are working through them."


  • Shaunie has a point. Basketball Wives is really no better or worse than these other shows. 
  • People seem to have a bias against the Basketball Wives for some reason. 
  • Are you planning to tune in for the fifth season?