Suge Knight was arrested this morning (Wednesday) in Beverly Hills. 

TMZ reports, police saw Knight driving his truck between two lanes at about 12:30 am. The vehicle had no license plates, so cops pulled him over -- and believe it or not, Suge wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, there happened to be an outstanding warrant for the former Death Row CEO's arrest for skipping a court date over a suspended license. 

He was taken to jail on $20,000 bail.


  • They might as well leave the light on for ol' Suge at the prison -- he always goes back.
  • This is the kind of crap you see lowlifes in municipal court for. Just take care of your business, Suge. You've got enough real problems.
  • It's hard to believe that this guy was once one of the most powerful people in music.