Tyrese is on the mend after passing out in a D.C. nightclub over the weekend. According to TMZ, he was performing with his group TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwineand Tank) at Love nightclub when he suddenly became lightheaded and then passed out, injuring his arm in the process. 

Ty was taken to a nearby hospital, where it was determined that he was suffering from exhaustion. His rep tells TMZ, “Tyrese has been going non-stop since July promoting his new TGT album.”

Tyrese later Tweeted a picture of himself at the hospital with his arm in a sling. The trio were forced to postpone their weekend concert in Virginia Beach.


  • Tyrese is notorious for staying away from drinking and drugs. So this is probably the rare case where "exhaustion" really is exhaustion.
  • If someone from TGT were going to faint during a show, you would have thought it would be Ginuwine. 
  • As long as Tyrese's face is OK, the ladies will be happy.