Tyrese had a funny way of celebrating a recent victory in his child support battle with ex-wife Norma Gibson -- he had a tattoo of her name removed. According to Bossip.com, Norma had claimed that Ty was neglecting their daughter and had asked for money in child support, but a judge agreed with the singer that he wasn't a deadbeat dad. 

So to celebrate, Tyrese posted picture on Instagram of his getting Norma's name removed from his finger. He wrote, "Finally got my ex's name from seven years ago removed from my finger. The lady at the laser removal place said it's a stroke of bad luck to get the name of your significant other anywhere on your body... Like the kiss of death. I'm going to sleep real good tonight."


  • Is it ever a good idea to talk badly about your baby momma in public? 
  • Who gets someone's name tattooed on their finger? That's not really a sign of commitment.
  • Is it a kiss of death to a relationship to get someone's name tattooed on your body? 
  • Would you get someone's name removed after you broke up with them? Or just have it changed to something else?