By now, you've almost surely seen that emotional YouTube video in which a man confesses to killing another driver while driving drunk. So much for that -- he's entered a not-guilty plea.

22-year-old Matthew Cordle of Ohio said in the video that he planned to plead guilty to both vehicular homicide and driving while intoxicated and "take full responsibility for everything I've done." But at the last minute yesterday (Tuesday), his lawyers entered a plea of not guilty, enraging the judge in the case.

Judge Julie Lynch said, "Everything was going to be guilty. I'm somewhat incensed by somebody who isn't forthright with the court." However, Cordle's lawyers insist that he still plans to change his plea and that this was simply a legal maneuver -- presumably in the hope of obtaining a lighter sentence.

Cordle got drunk on June 22nd, drove the wrong way down a highway and killed 61-year-old Vincent Canzani.

Source: ABC News