Rappers aren't always known as the most patriotic bunch, but according toAllHipHop, quite a few have served in the armed forces. In honor of  Veterans Day, here's a list of rapper's who've served:

  • Ice-T: Enlisted out of high school, discharged early to care for his daughter. 
  • Mystikal: Enlisted in the Army, served in the Gulf War.
  • MC Hammer: Served in the Navy a as petty officer, discharged after three years.
  • No Malice: Served in the Army. 
  • Freddy Gibbs: Dishonorably discharged from the Army for smoking weed.
  • Nate Dogg: The late singer served in the Marines. 
  • Canibus: Enrolled in the Army at age 28, dishonorably discharged for smoking weed. 


  • Seems like the army is going to have to change its weed policy if it wants to keep any rappers. 
  • Who is the most unlikely artist on this list? Nate Dogg? Freddie Gibbs? 
  • Are you celebrating Veterans Day? If so, how?