A New York restaurant is accusing Ne-Yo of pulling a dine-and-dash after walking out on an $800 check.

According to the New York Daily News, Ne-Yo and his crew recently rang up the bill at Negril, where they ordered multiple plates of chicken and mac and cheese, which they washed down with Grey Goose screwdrivers. An employee says, “We had a Monday Night Football thing, the Giants were in, too, and Ne-Yo came in with [road manager] Jayvon Smith, a group of girls, some guys and a bodyguard. He was ordering all this stuff and he kept asking people what they want, and kept the drinks coming.”

But when the waitress brought them the check, it allegedly started a game of hot potato. “She hands it to [his manager], he hands it to his manager, his manager hands it to another guy in the group, who hands it back to Ne-Yo.” At that point Ne-Yo allegedly handed it back to his manager and left.

Sources at the restaurant say they later tracked down Ne-Yo and his crew at a nearby night club, but still couldn't get him to pay up. 


  • Dash and dash doesn't work if you're famous. They're going to track you down eventually. 
  • If Ne-Yo settles up now, how much of a tip should he leave? Will 20 percent cut it? 
  • It's all good until the check comes.
  • Isn't that why stars have managers, to handle the details?