Get ready for some new Roots!

According to, the History Channel is set to turn the '70s classic into a new eight-hour miniseries. The show will apparently draw on both the original mini-series andAlex Haley's book. But the network's Dirk Hoogstra says it will also tell parts of the story from a contemporary perspective. ”We would like to revive that cultural icon for a new audience.”

According to Deadline, the series could be a hit. “The timing couldn’t be better -- the topic of slavery is very much on people’s minds through a string of popular movies including last year’s Django Unchained, this year’s Oscar hopeful 12 Years a Slave, and with Lee Daniels’ The Butler also touching on the subject.”

Deadline notes that when the original mini-series aired on ABC in 1977 over the course of eight nights, the show drew 100 million viewers -- almost half of the country.


  • Sometimes you simply can't improve upon a classic. 
  • What do you think about this "slavery" trend in movies and TV? 
  • Who should star in the re-make? 
  • It'll be interesting to hear what LeVar Burton has to say about this. He's been less than complimentary about Django