Young Jeezy's frustrations at getting his new album out have reached a boiling point.

The Snowman took to Twitter yesterday, where he blasted Def Jam for taking too long to release the still-untitled disc. He wrote, "Where @LaReid when u need him? #RIP Shakir Stewart," referring two former Def Jam bosses. He then continued, "I’ve been perfecting this album for two years for #myfans. [N-words] at Def Jam, keep playing games if you want. If Def Jam don’t get this right, y’all got an early Xmas gift, #myfans."


  • Is threatening to release a mixtape really going to scare Def Jam?
  • Def Jam probably would have released it already if they thought it was going to sell. 
  • Jeezy needs to step his hashtag game up.